Positive Life Global Empowerment (PLGE) e.V info@plge.eu +49 40 897 25 095

Overall goals and Objectives

a. Provision of infrastructural and education facilities in rural communities

b. Helping rural communities to develop through provision of social amenities

c. Ensuring the welfare of children’s, physically challenged and less privileged persons

d. Organizing campaigns seminars, debates relating to the social and daily life of children, youth and Adult. Organizing information campaigns, seminars, debates, theater projects and panel debates concerning the social and political situation and daily life of children in less developed communities in Africa, Nigeria.

e. Promotion of education and training, including Student assistance.

f. Integration work: Encourage assistance to those persecuted by political, racial or religious persecution and refugees, especially from African countries.

g. Promotion of Culture & International relation.

h. To do any other things that will advance the objective of this charity organization as stated above and will focus on the above but not limited.

PLGE e.V. will source funds, channel them appropriately and make sure that the purpose and objective of the organization is achieved effectively.

A vision for a better future

Our vision is a world where people do not lack their basic amenities, infrastructures, education, energy and good standard of living.

We are currently working hard to deploy our strategic approach with the help of supporters and stakeholders and corporate entities to reach out to the needy and communities.

Our new strategy will give us powerful focus in our fight for poverty and illiteracy.