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Our people

Ngozi Utoh-Samuel was born in Nsukka, Enugu State of Nigeria. She successfully completed a course in “Food Science and Technology” in 1997 from Federal Polytechnic Idah Nigeria. In Germany, Ngozi completed an apprenticeship as Home Economics. She has undergone a lot of courses, Seminar, Workshops, Training and Coaching that helps her in fulfilling her Vision for this organization.

PLGE is a vision that Ngozi has developed together with Emmanuel Samuel and other wonderful trustees. She has a great interest in sustainable development work for communities, individuals and families, and has worked in different capacities, both government and private sectors. She has over 17yrs voluntary work with children and young people in Christian Church Outreach Mission(CCOM) Hamburg-Bergedorf, she supports municipality of CCOM in her education and development work. Her Passion, love for Children & Youth led to the vision.

Emmanuel Samuel is a seasoned electrician (technician). He ran a business of electrical equipment in Nigeria before relocating to Europe in late 90’s. He saw and understood the importance of development, which gave him the passion to help communities in the rural areas. His goal is to alleviate poverty and illiteracy in communities. He pivoted the passion that led to opening of this organization.

Emmanuel declared that no child or young people should stay at home without education because of financial constraint in Africa. He is seriously leading campaign to raise funds to help people in Africa, which has been his dream.

Christiana Olanike Alimi was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1986. She is an educator and has been with the association since 2017. She takes great pleasure in working with children. Christiana promotes the development and education of the children and the projects of the association with her way and her actions.

We have other wonderful teams and volunteers. We are delighted to have such a wonderful team among us.